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ROPEX 2007 Rochester National Stamp Exhibition
An APS "World Series of Philately" Event

Friday, May 18 - Sunday, May 20

Click here to see a slide show of photos.

ESL Sports Centre, 2700 Brighton Henrietta Townline Rd.
Free Admission and Parking!   Hours: 11-6, 10-5, 10-3

Honoring: 50th Anniversary of Sputnik (Friday), Ice Hockey (Saturday), 100th Anniversary of Scout Camps (Sunday)
Days Hours Mins Secs
to ROPEX 2007!
General inquiries about the show may be
E-mailed here or addressed to:
Stamp Show, PO Box 10206, Brighton Station,
Rochester, NY 14610-0206

Phone: 585-266-2524

We've Moved!


We're in Rink #1 (without the ice!) at the ESL Sports Centre, 2700 Brighton-Henrietta Townline Road, on the campus of Monroe Community College. It has free wireless Internet access throughout, including in its restaurant, snack bar, and meeting rooms. The facility is handicap accessible. The snack bar will be open Friday 8:30-2, Saturday 9:30-2, and Sunday 9:30-2.

The facility is south of the City of Rochester off of I-390 and 10 minutes away from the NY State Thruway and airport. Nearby are several moderately-priced hotels and motels, along with restaurants for every taste and budget. Marketplace Mall is down the road with well over 125 shops.

2007 Show Committee

Co-Chairs: Raymond Stone, Frank Tritto
Awards: Raymond Stone, Ada Prill
Banquet: Raymond Stone
Bourse: Dave Robinson
Cachet and Cancel Designs: Kelly Armstrong
Cachet Sales: Chuck Schultz, Rick Kase
Exhibits: Thomas Fortunato
Judges: Ann Triggle
Publicity: Tom Fortunato
RPA Hospitality Table: Chuck Schultz
Show Program: George Fekete
Staging: Joe Doles
Treasurer: Rich Spinelli
Youth Activities: Mary Iman, Dave and Diane Bombard, Jim Piecuch

2007 Special Events

Friday 9:30-11 AM- "Early Bird" Bourse- Stamp dealers not reserving tables for ROPEX or interested collectors are invited to enter the show early for a $20 admission fee. The show opens to the public at 11 AM with free admission.

Throughout the Show- Members of the public are welcome to bring stamps and other philatelic items to the show to help identify them and get a free informal appraisal of their value. Visit the RPA table at the entrance for assistance.

Cachet Makers' Bourse- To be held Saturday between 1 and 6 PM. Dealers will sell their own cachet covers for a variety of issues.

Boy Scout Merit Badge Classes- To be held Sunday, 10 AM to 3 PM. The RPA has many members qualified to teach the Boy Scout Merit Badge requirements and welcomes all scouts to a series of hands-on mini-courses that will introduce them to the hobby. Earn the stamp collecting merit badge by successfully completing the course. Advance registration is requested but not required to determine the needed number of presenters. Send inquiries here.

Just for Kids

We are proud to have presented a number of activities over the years designed specifically to introduce kids to our great hobby.

The ROPEX Youth Booth will be open Saturday and Sunday with fun activities, electronic games and lots of free stamps and covers for kids to enjoy.

Youth 3-D Creative Exhibit Competition (in coordination with Stamp Camp USA)- Youngsters ages 8-18 may participate in this unique combination of artwork and philatelic elements. It encourages artwork with the inclusion of appropriate philatelic elements to represent a unified theme or idea by youngsters ages 8-18. There is no entry fee for participating.
View the 2007 3-D Prospectus: (
PDF Document)
View the 2007 3-D Application: (Register Online) - you have the option of printing and mailing the form

Click here to see the 2007 3-D award winners.

2007 Schedule & Events

Details are subject to change. All meetings are open to the public except as noted.

Thursday, May 17
8 AM-7 PM.....ROPEX setup (exhibitors and dealers welcome 2-6 PM)

Friday, May 18
9:30-11 AM......"Early Bird" Bourse- $20 entry fee for interested collectors and dealers
11 AM.............Show opens, Welcome and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, show entrance
11 AM-6 PM....Prize drawings throughout the day
1-2 PM............ACE- Art Cover Exchange General Meeting
6 PM...............Show closes

Saturday, May 19
10 AM.............Show opens
10 AM-5 PM....Prize drawings and youth activities throughout the day
11 AM-Noon....APS Town Meeting
Noon-1 PM......Empire State Postal History Society Trading Hour
1-2 PM............Empire State Postal History Society Annual Meeting
1-6 PM............Cachet Makers' Bourse
1-2 PM............Walk-Through Discussion of Exhibits (Frame 1- all welcome)
2-3 PM............American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors Seminar, speaker TBD
3-4:30 PM........Judges Exhibit Critique
5 PM...............Show closes
6 PM...............ROPEX Awards Banquet- ESL Sports Centre, cocktails 6-6:30, dinner 6:30

Sunday, May 20
10 AM-3 PM....Prize drawings and youth activities throughout the day
10 AM-3 PM....Scout Merit Badge classes (pre-registration preferred)
1:30-2:30 PM...Federation of New York Philatelic Societies Meeting
3 PM...............Show closes
3 PM...............Exhibitor's Reception and Exhibit Pickup

For Exhibitors...

ROPEX Medals ROPEX Awards

Douglas N. Clark, Chair, Marstons Mills, MA
Allison W. Cusick, Columbus, OH
Thomas Lera, Falls Church, VA
Stephen L. Suffet, Sunnyside, NY
Ann Triggle, Clarence, NY

We are taking exhibit reservations for ROPEX 2007!
Each 16 page frame is $10 for multi-frames, or $20 for a single frame. Youth under age 21, $5 per frame. We often are filled several months in advance. ROPEX is among the last "Champion of Champions" qualifiers of the season before STAMPSHOW! Tom Fortunato is the Exhibits Manager, home phone (585)225-6822 or write:

ROPEX Exhibits, 28 Amberwood Place, Rochester, NY 14626-4166

Download the 2007 Stamp Exhibit Prospectus (PDF document).
Fill out the online exhibit entry form.

Major Awards

Grand Award
Handmade Square
Tropical Leaf
Découpage Mirror

Reserve Grand
Handmade Circular
Moon and Floral
Découpage Mirror

Single Frame Grand
Handmade Oval
Art Nouveau Style
Tiled Mirror

Larry R. Moriarty Sr.
Memorial Award/Youth Grand

Handmade Square Art
Nouveau Style Tiled Mirror

Dusty Miller Award
Bicycle Mobile
for a RPA member
Postal History

Andy Hale Award
Collector's Magnifier
for a RPA Member
Non-Postal History

Exhibits - 157 frames minimum, 250 frames maximum

-Title page - Plan page - Synopsis page

(191 frames now reserved- click here to see the frame layout)

(Click here to see the Awards Palmares)

1 Frame      
Karen M.
Adult Thematic
1 frame
The Gentle Art of the Snowman A one frame look at the snowman - building of it and uses of it artistically and for advertising.
Adult Illustrated Mail
1 frame
ACE Art Cover Exchange Examples of handmade postally used modern covers created by members of the organization. Artwork in a variety of styles are shown.
Adult Postal
1 frame
Hungary- First Madonna Issue: Two-Currency Frankings 1921-1925 This exhibit focuses on a unique method of franking: The short-time usage of the inflationary Madonna stamps in combination with the new Pengo-filler stamps.
Adult Postal
1 frame
Innovative and Versatile: First Issue United States Stamped Envelopes 1853-1860 How stamped envelopes added new dimensions to written communication during the brief dynamic antebellum era of national expansion driven by the California gold rush.
David Y.
Adult Postal
1 frame
The Shanghai-Manchouli Flight by Eurasia Aviation Corporation (April-June, 1931) This one frame exhibit displays the various FFCs from each stoppage cities, their commemorative CDS and the airmail surcharge fee due to different sectional calculations.
Robert L.
Adult Postal
1 frame
Cheapskates A 100+ year sampling of postal misuse of US postal cards and stationery by design or in error by mailers.
Adult Thematic
1 frame
Sputnik Programs and Hockey A brief and fun look at two of the three ROPEX 2007 themes illustrated through postage stamps from around the world.
Adult Postal
1 frame
The 5c Prexie Blues A selection of rates on commercially-used covers from the late-Thirties through the late-Fifties, franked solely with the 5c Prexie issue.
Adult Postal
1 frame
Washington and Franklin Coils- 1910 Issue Perf 8.5
This exhibit features the 1910 perf 8.5 Washington and Franklin coils. It shows the basic production and usages of the five denominations of the issue.
Adult Postal
1 frame
Washington and Franklin Coils- 1912 Issue Perf 8.5 This exhibit highlights two changes in stamp design for the 1912 issue. It shows examples of coil production and various domestic and foreign usages on cover.
Adult Postal
1 frame
Chester County, PA Multiple Stamp Usages 1856 to 1896 Highlights the routes, markings, rates, and usages from small Chester County post offices in south-eastern Pennsylvania utilizing covers with multiple stamps.
Adult Postal
1 frame
The Sweet Sixteen- Earliest Pennsylvania Post Offices Presents an historical review honoring the 16 earliest Pennsylvania Post Offices underscoring the early development of the postal system.
Adult Display
5 frames
The Space Race from International Geophysical Year to Gemini 12 Display exhibit of USSR and USA satellite launch and recovery covers and stamps including autographs of cosmonauts and astronauts.
Duncan H.
Adult Postal
4 frames
Timbromanie "Timbromanie" is a special study from the perspective of stamp exhibiting and judging.
Adult Postal
8 frames
The Conquest and British Administration of Palestine, 1914-1920
This exhibit shows mail of the British Army/Imperial Forces that conquered Ottoman Palestine/adjacent territories, then mail of the Military Administration period that followed.
George F.
Adult Postal
3 frames
Hudson, New York Post Marks and Postal Markings 1794 to 1900 Two part postal history exhibit: Part 1:Stampless Era; Part 2:Stamp Era (up to 1900). Shows officially applied markings (cds, handstamps killers,etc).
Thomas M.
Adult Thematic
3 frames
Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries- Idioms Illustrated and Explained An interactive fun look at a number of English language expressions shown through a variety of postal elements. See an online version by clicking here
Groten, MD
Adult Display
5 frames
Are We There Yet? Adirondack Hotels: The Classic Period to World War I This display class exhibit looks at the Golden Era of the Adirondack Hotel, large and small, c. 1860-1915.
Adult Display
6 frames
Letters to the Stars Hollywood fan mail from the silent era to the present day.
Adult Postal
5 frames
The Circular Datestamps and Provisional Markings of the Queensland TPOs Provisional and TPO cds markings of Queensland, Australia up to 1932. Used mostly as transit markings, a significant proportion is shown as primary cancelers.
Adult Display
2 frames
Jamestown, Virginia- Cradle of the Nation Display telling the story of Jamestown, Virginia, from its 1607 settlement to the present day as it readies for its 400th anniversary.
Adult Illustrated Mail
10 frames
Hand-Drawn and Hand-Painted Cachets by Watercolor Artist Vaughn Hord 1980-1993 An exhibit showing mostly First Day covers for commemoratives, definitives, expedited mail, and duck hunting stamps.
Adult Illustrated Mail
5 frames
Apollo Soyuz Test Project Crew selection and training, prelaunch tests, launch, rendezvous and docking, recovery and commemoration by many nations of the first joint space venture ever attempted.
Adult Postal
8 frames
A Rate Study of the "Admiral" Stamps of Canada 1912-1928 The postal rates of Canada throughout the tumultuous periods before, during and after WWI as new services were introduced or changed by the Canadian Postal Service.
Robert L.
Adult Postal
8 frames
The United States Special Delivery Issues of the 19th Century 1885-1902: The Running Messenger
A traditional exhibit showing essays, trial color proofs, proofs, stamps and postal history, including the US possessions of the issues.
Adult Postal
9 frames
Canada- 1897 Diamond Jubilees Traditional study of the issue with die and plate proofs, proofs, plates and imprints, re-entries, specimens, forgeries, perfin, and cancellations with Canadian and international usages.
Adult Postal
3 frames
The U.S. Bank Notes: Identification and Major Variations
Adult Postal
10 frames
The U.S. Large Bank Note Era of 1870 to 1890: A study of Domestic, Territorial, and International Rates
Adult Postal
3 frames
Foxes The beautiful fox in nature and fables.
Napoleon Adult Display
7 frames
It Would Be Sacrificing the Nation's Honor Postal and non-postal material showing the effects of WWI on unoccupied Belgium and its people.
Orton III
Adult Postal
3 frames
Pioneer Telegraph Companies of the Northeast Covers and telegraphs from northeast companies in the pre-Western Union acquisition era, including items from the Civil War with revenue tax applied.
Orville F.
Adult Postal
5 frames
Zemstvos- The Russian Rural Post System Early stamps of the Russian Rural Post system, single and two design stamps, the hand printed issues and some special studies of the Zemstvo Post.
Ed Powell Adult Thematic
8 frames
Panama Canal: The Channel Between The Seas The Canal from its discovery, to first dreams of uniting the oceans, to the events which led to its construction and transfer back to Panama.
David T.
Adult Illustrated Mail
3 frames
United States Non-denominational "A" Eagle Rate Change Stamp A First Day Cover collection in alphabetical order of cachet designers in all formats the stamps were issued in.
Kurt Schau Adult Postal
5 frames
Orange Free State: The Republic 1868 to 1900 An exhibit displaying stamps, postal history, archival material of issued adhesives, latest research on postal rates and census of key postal history items.
Eleanor Steeb Adult Display
4 frames
Everybody Must Get Stoned (but not Bob Dylan's version) This display exhibit details man's relationship with stones, from early caveman time to modern day, explaining their discovery, mining, processing and usages. See an online version by clicking here
Raymond M.
Adult Illustrated Mail
4 frames
5c Circus Wagon Released August 31, 1990 in Syracuse, this definitive workhorse is shown in a traditional first day cover study of cancels and cachets of the issue.
Raymond M.
Adult Illustrated Mail
5 frames
10c Canal Boat Buffalo, NY hosted the first day release of this stamp April 11, 1987. This FDC exhibit displays official and unofficial cancels along with various cachets.
Non-Competitive Invited      
Adult Illustrated Mail
7 frames (Non-
Space... the Final Frontier -- on US First Day Covers A display of United States 'space' stamp issues on first day covers ranging from 1948 to 2006 presented in an unconventional display method.
Raymond M.
Adult Postal
6 frames (Non-
Woldenberg POW Camp A sampling of the philatelic issues of the World War II POW camp at Woldenberg, housing over 6,000 Polish officers 50 miles northwest of Poznan.
Florence H.
Adult Thematic
7 frames (Non-
Stamping Out Tuberculosis This exhibit tracks tuberculosis through history, its victims, causes and cures, using stamps and other philatelic material as well as seals issued for anti-tuberculosis benefit.
Alyssah Xeniah C.
Youth (age 13) Thematic
3 frames
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II The illustrious life and reign of Queen Elizabeth II using postage stamps and other related philatelic materials issued by various issuing entities around the world.
Youth (age 9) Thematic
1 frame
HockeyMania Exhibiting hockey stamps, covers, first day covers and souvenir sheets from around the world.
Youth (age 12) Thematic
4 frames
Baseball A look at the sport of baseball, its leagues, its teams, its players and its stadiums.
Youth (age 13) Thematic
4 frames
Sailing Ships and the Sailors who Sailed Them In this exhibit, I am going to talk about different kinds of sailing ships, the people who used them , and how they were used.
Youth (age 15) Thematic
5 frames
Falconiforms This exhibit shows some of the many species of birds of prey, their characteristics, behavior use as national symbols, falconry and conservation.

For and About Dealers...

Interested in selling at the show?
Dealers should download the
ROPEX Dealer Contract (PDF document) and a Floor Plan (PDF document). We offer some of the lowest table fees for a national WSP show.

ROPEX visitors- Email your want lists to our dealers in advance of the show telling
them what you'd like them to bring for you. Just click on their email address.

Confirmed 2007 Dealers

1840-1950 Mostly Stamps
Table 17
PO Box 423
Milford, NH 03055-0423 US, British Empire and
worldwide- stamps,
covers, lots
Dave Allego
Table 16
648 Merchant St,
Ambridge, PA 15003 Worldwide covers,
cinderellas, ephemera
Tom Baron Covers
Table 23
PO Box 1339,
Long Beach, NY 11561-1339 20th century US covers
Table 8
PO Box 119,
Alton, NH 03809 Covers
Donofrio Stamps
Table 21
110 Chestnut Dr,
Rochester, NY 14624 US and worldwide
Al Greco Stamps
Table 6
1190 Nolan Rd,
Macedon, NY 14502 US and worldwide
stamps, US and
Canadian revenues
Geezer's Tweezers
Table 25
PO Box 65010,
Baltimore, MD 21209-5010 US and worldwide
covers, FDCs, lots
William H. Hatton
Table 7
PO Box 622
Piqua, OH 45356 US stamps, US/foreign
covers, postcards,
Swamy Iyer
Table 20
PO Box 697
Pittsford, NY 14534-0697
(585) 223-8561
USA, Japan, China,
Manchukuo, Ryukyus,
Asia, worldwide
Lakewood Stamps
Table 5
1656 W 40th St
Erie, PA 16509 US and topical new issue
stamps (inc. Disney, WWF)
Steve Malack Stamps
Table 3
PO Box 5628
Endicott, NY 13763
(607) 862-9441
Quality US stamps-graded
mint/used, plate blocks/
McLeod's Stamp and Coin
Table 9
2423 Monroe Ave
Rochester, NY 14618
(585) 244-0240
US and worldwide stamps,
covers, supplies
John Nunes
Table 18
80 Fredericks Rd
Scotia, NY 12302 US and worldwide
covers, ephemera
Phantom Stamps
Table 10
PO Box 395
Manchester, NY 14504 US and worldwide
covers, ephemera
Quality Stamps
Table 14
PO Box 1905
Venice, FL 34284-1905
(941) 376-5689
Free appraisals, buying,
US & worldwide stamps &
Ried Stamps
Table 11
216 Robisch Hill Rd,
Callicoon, NY 12723
(845) 887-5448
US, UN, Canada, French
Colonies, worldwide
John L. Rudnicki
Table 13
25 Deforest Dr
Brampton, ON Canada L4A 2Y1
(905) 495-0603
Poland/back of the book
and collections, topicals
inc. Europa
Suburban Stamp and Coin
Table 4
PO Box 2378
Syracuse, NY 13220 US and worldwide
stamps, US coins
Robert C. Swed
Table 19
1204 Elderon Dr
Wilmington, DE 19808 US used stamps and
covers, classic FDCs
Tom's Stamps
Table 1
PO Box 470
Butler, PA 16003 Classic US mint/used and
worldwide stamps, lots
Al "Doc" Turner
Table 24
4013 Pinestead Dr
Walled Lake, MI 48390 Classic US, British
North America,
Doug Weisz US Covers
Table 2
PO Box 1458
McMurray, PA 15317-1458 US covers (FDCs, naval,
flights, events)
S J Willis
Table 22
26 Rock Rose Way
Ballston Spa, NY 12020-6309
  US and foreign stamps
Larry Winum
Table 15
PO Box 247
Walden, NY 12586-0247
(800) 914-8090
US and Germany
stamps and covers
Fred Zaganiacz Stamps
Table 13
2339 Lambeth Dr
Pittsburgh, PA 15241 worldwide stamps/covers,
US covers, topicals

Cachet Makers Bourse

Armstrong Cachets
PO Box 24663
Rochester, NY 14624-4663 cachets
CL Cachets
PO Box 2053
Elkton, MD 21922-2053 cachets
3-DLAZ Cachets
PO Box 2053
Elkton, MD 21922-2053 cachets

Postal Administrations

United Nations Postal Administration PO Box 5900, Grand Central Station
New York, N.Y. 10163-5900
United States Postal Service    

Area Hotels and Rates

This list is provided as a convenience for show-goers. Note that hotel rooms during ROPEX weekend will be relatively scarce, as it is graduation weekend for the University of Rochester and rooms book well in advance.

All prices are for double beds per room per night at 2007 base prices and do not include the standard 14% tax. Most offer AAA and AARP discounts. Also check other Internet sites for possible discounts at these hotels. (SH)=free airport shuttle service (**)=closest to the show

See where some of these hotels are located: Click here for a Google map

We have pre-booked a limited number of rooms at the following two hotels. You must call the hotels and ask for the "Stamp Show" rooms at these 2007 rates, available Thursday through Saturday night, May 17-19.
Best Western Marketplace Inn, 940 Jefferson Rd, Rochester, NY 14623  585-427-2700   $99 (**)(SH)
($99 includes free hot breakfast, after dinner dessert bar, local and long distance calling, in-room wireless Internet access)
Doubletree Inn (was Holiday Inn Holidome), 1111 Jefferson Rd, Rochester, NY 14623  585-475-1510   $140 (**)(SH)

Comfort Suites, 2085 Hylan Dr, Rochester, NY 14623  585-334-6620   $135
Courtyard Rochester, 30 Corporate Woods, Rochester, NY 14623  585-292-1000   $149 (SH)(**)
Days Inn, 4853 W Henrietta Rd, Rochester, NY 14467  585-334-9300   $84
Hampton Inn, 717 East Henrietta Rd, Rochester, NY 14623  585-272-7800   $125 (SH)(**)
Homewood Suites, 2095 Hylan Dr, Rochester, NY 14623  585-334-9150   $129-159
Microtel Inn, 905 Lehigh Station Rd, Rochester, NY 14467  585-334-3400   $54-64
Radisson Hotel Airport, 175 Jefferson Rd, Rochester, NY 14623  585-475-1910   $109 (SH)
Red Roof Inns, 4820 W Henrietta Rd, Rochester, NY 14467  585-359-1100   $107
Residence Inn by Marriott, 1300 Jefferson Rd, Rochester, NY 14623  585-272-8850   $129-159 (SH)
RIT Inn, 5727 W Henrietta Rd, Rochester, NY 14586  585-359-1800   $89-115 (SH)
Super 8 Motel, 1000 Lehigh Station Rd, Rochester, NY 14467  585-359-1630   $78
Wellesley Inn, 797 E Henrietta Rd, Rochester, NY 14623  585-427-0130   $109 (SH)(**)

Awards Banquet

Buffet banquet tickets are available for $25 each. Cash bar 6-6:30, dinner at 6:30. The menu features: Chef salad, macaroni salad, rolls and butter, prime rib, pasta, rissole potatoes, honey carrots, and more. Reservations are only available through advance purchase and must be made by Monday, May 14. Make checks payable to ROPEX and send it to:

ROPEX Banquet, Ray Stone, 228 Giles Ave, Rochester, NY 14609

2007 Cancels & Cachets

Covers are $2 each or $5/set of 3 when a self-addressed stamped envelope
is included. Otherwise include $1 for every 3 covers for return postage.
Send payment in cash, check/money order in US funds or an international
postal money order to:

RPA Covers-I, P.O. Box 10206, Brighton Station, Rochester, NY 14610-0206

ROPEX Past and Future

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    Last updated on May 21, 2007.