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ROPEX 2003 Wrap-Up

June 20-22, Webster Community Field House

Empire State Postal History Challenge - UN First Day "Int. Year of Freshwater"

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Thomas M. Fortunato- Show Chairman, Publicity, Exhibits Manager
George Fekete- Show Vice Chairman, Bourse Co-Manager, Show Program Editor, Treasurer
John Cali- Meeting Manager
Joe Doles- Staging Manager, Flyer Manager, Cancel & Cachet Designer
Herman Gross- Youth Activities Co-Manager
Mary Iman- Youth Activities Assistant
Rick Kase- Cachet Sales Manager
Ed Kawasaki- Bourse Co-Manager, Advertising Manager
Jim Piecuch- Youth Activities Co-Manager
Ada M. Prill- Stamp Saturday Coordinator, Exhibits Assistant Manager
Chuck Schultz- Hospitality Table Manager, Volunteers Coordinator
Bob and Elli Steeb- Facilities Technical Consultants
Rich Spinelli- Dime Stamps Manager
Raymond Stone- Awards Manager
Ann Triggle- Judging Manager
Frank Tritto- Pre-Show Assistant


Guy R. Dillaway, Chairman, Weston, MA
Lois M. Evans-de Violini, Oxnard, CA
Albert Guenzburger, Guilford, NY
Peter K. Iber, Peoria, AZ
Stephen L. Suffet, Sunnyside, NY


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* denotes participants in Royal 2003 Royale/ROPEX joint exhibiting option

Exhibitor Name
# frames, Division
Exhibit Title Description
John W. Allen*
6 frames, Postal
Momotombos: The First Airmail Definitives of Nicaragua
This exhibit studies the stamps and postal history of the first airmail definitives of Nicaragua.
John W. Allen*
Single frame, Postal
The 3 Cent Liberty Postal Card of 1958
This exhibit studies the production varieties and postal history of the 3 cent Liberty postal card of 1958.
Alan Anderson
4 frames, Thematic
Swords on Stamps
The history of swords seen through stamps, cancels and meters, divided into time frames: Ancient, Myths and Legends, Medieval, Exploration, Revolution, Modern and symbols.
R. Timothy Bartshe*
8 frames, Postal
Orange Free State Republican Postage Issues 1868-1900
A detailed and comprehensive display of issues from essays through production along with eight separate provisional values.
William H. Bauer
10 frames, Postal
Otsego County, NY
A presentation of many aspects of US postal history, using mail from a single county and including nearly all the post offices of that county.
Louis T. Call
5 frames, Postal
Examples of Early NY State Postmarks Used by Railroad Route Agents, Railroad Postal Clerks, and Station Agents, 1830's-1880's
Route agent, postal clerk and station agent markings used within, from and to New York State covering the first 50 years of railroad postal operations.
Doug and Nancy Z. Clark
Single Frame, Postal
Maine Way Mail
Mail picked up on the way from one office to another by a contract mail carrier in Maine, traveling by horse, stage or boat.
George Cosentini*
8 frames, Postal
The origins and development of V-Mail during World War II.
Richard Cropp
3 frames, Postal
Mt. Momotombo, Nicaragua 1900-1905
An exhibit displaying the adhesive stamps of Nicaragua from 1900-1905 depicting the Mt. Momotombo volcano.
Richard Daffner
9 frames, Postal
The Foreign Mail Issue of Mexico 1879-1883
The stamps, postal cards, and postal history of the issues created to facilitate domestically Mexico's integration with the rates of the UPU.
Jack Andre Denys
5 frames, Thematic
Bayeux Tapestry- Story, Mystery, History
The world's oldest existing wallhanging: Its story of the Battle of Hastings, mystery of its making, and history of its surviving 900+ years.
Frank Garancovsky
2 frames, Postal
Czechoslovakia 1st Issues: Complete Plating 100h Hradcany, Plate II
Postally used 100 positions including multiples, associated parcel clippings and covers using various postal services.
Peter G. Gleason
7 frames, Postal
The 1920-1923 Air Post Issues of Estonia
Displays the 1920 5 marka stanp and its overprints; includes stamps, varieties, plate flaws, Paevaleht (Aeronaut/Teetsov) and private perforations, forgeries, and usages.
George T. Guzzio
10 frames, Postal
Germany: The Wagner Semi-Postal Issue of 1933- Specialized
A representative traditional study of the Wagner semi-postal issue of Germany 1933.
Galen D. Harrison
10 frames, Postal
Prisoners' Mail from the American Civil War 1861-1865
An in-depth study of both Southern and Northern Civil War prison mail. Over 108 different prisons and routings are shown, including many "only known" examples.
William J. Hart
Single frame, Postal
New York State RFD Hand Cancels
Government issue and private hand cancellations are used to illustrate the many facets of RFD service in early 20th century New York State.
William H. Hatton
10 frames, Cinderella
The Sincerest Flatter- Non-Philatelic Imitations of Stamps, Covers, and Associated Items
Accurate reproductions and fanciful designs of stamps, envelopes and other items involved in moving the mail intended to attract attention for many different reasons.
Regis Hoffman
5 frames, Display
Letters to the Stars
This exhibit traces silent era to modern day fan mail to Hollywood movie stars in a unique blend of postal, social, and entertainment history.
Alice Johnson
2 frames, Postal
Meterly Speaking - Let's Eat
A feast for the eyes, this is a non-smoking, alcohol-free exhibit of food on meters.
Alice Johnson
4 frames, Thematic
A Multitude of Angels
See an online version by clicking here
A thematic look at angels, their origins, myth and legend through the millennia.
Igor Kuchuk
2 frames, Postal
Airship LZ-127 "Graf Zeppelin" Mail 1928-1937
A philatelic look at the ten year history of the Graf Zeppelin airship, including European, American, and South American flights.
Alfred F. Kugel*
10 frames, Postal
The Expansion of Greece 1897-1922
The story of the growth of the Greek kingdom from the Cretan uprising through the Greco-Turkish War of 1919-1922
Robert E. Lana
7 frames, Postal
Italian Classics: Kingdom of Sardinia, 1851-1863
The Cavalini and the essays, proofs, and printings of the four issues of the Kingdom of Sardinia are shown.
Kurt W. Laubinger
5 frames, Illustrated Mail
The Politically Inspired Cachets of Bruce R. McIntyre, 1936-60
Hand-drawn and hand-painted cachets of political events by Bruce R. McIntryre, an active Art Cover Exchange (ACE) member of the period. All are unique.
Paul A. Larsen*
7 frames, Postal
Federal Issues of the Leeward Islands 1890-1911
Essays, proofs, the definitive stamps and a selection of postal stationery from the reigns of Queen Victoria and King Edward VII, including many commercial usages.
Howard Lee*
Single frame, Postal
Usages of the 8 Cent Grant - U.S. 4th Bureau Issue
A one frame exhibit highlighting the postal history of this 8 cent definitive stamp first issued on May 1, 1923.
Howard Lee*
Single frame, Postal
Usages of the 11 Cent Hayes - U.S. 4th Bureau Issue
A one frame exhibit highlighting the postal history of this 11 cent definitive stamp first issued on October 4, 1922.
Martin Margolis
5 frames, Postal
The Airship in the Americas
An examination of the Graf Zeppelin, Hindenburg, and various US airship flights throughout North and South America.
Martin Margolis
5 frames, Postal
19th Century Ship Mail Through New York City
A review of mail which traveled through New York City's trans-Atlantic sea routes in the 19th century, mostly to and from Europe.
Randall Martin
Single frame, Postal
New Brunswick Pre-Confederation Stamped Mail 1851-1868
New Brunswick organized by rate period, rates, and destination.
Randall Martin
Single frame, Postal
Nova Scotia Pre-Confederation Stamped Mail 1851-1868
Nova Scotia organized by rate period, rates, and destination.
Randall Martin
Single frame, Postal
Prince Edward Island Pre-Confederation Stamped Mail 1861-1873
Prince Edward Island organized by rate period, rates, and destination.
Randall Martin
8 frames, Postal
Newfoundland Surface Mail
Newfoundland organized by destination and rate period showing letter and multiple letter rates, registration fees, short paid and postage due fees through various philatelic items.
Robert Meegan
7 frames, Postal
United States Domestic Letter Rates, 1825 to 1900
A study of the domestic postal letter rates from 1825 to 1900.
Theresa Meegan
3 frames, Youth- Thematic (age 18)
The beautiful fox in nature and fables.
Walter J. Orton III
2 frames, Display
Pioneer Telegraph Companies of the Northeast Showing Covers and/or Telegraphs
Before being absorbed by Western Union, several independent telegraph companies in the north-east operated and produced their own telegrams to move messages.
Walter J. Orton III
5 frames, Revenue
Proprietary "Battleship" Revenue Stamps of 1898 And Their Precancel Varieties
An in-depth exhibit of these tax stamps which funded the Spanish-American War and were used on packages of medicines, perfumes, cosmetics and other products.
Mary Ann A. Owens
Single frame, Thematic (non-competitive)
The Badger The Badger as an animal, an anthropomorphic, and as a symbol.
Mary Ann A. Owens
3 frames, Display
Those Other Elephants
Fauna, flora, geological formations, products, etc. with 'elephant like' names because of same or similar sizes, shapes or attributes.
Mary Ann A. Owens
5 frames, Thematic
Lady Beetle, Lady Bird, Lady Bug
The simple and lovable beetle with many names around the world; welcomed for its beneficial factors; have become symbols and are remembered in the arts.
Al Parsons
Single frame, Postal
19th Century Railroad Postal Markings Related to Steuben, Schuyler, Chemung and Tioga Counties, NY
This exhibit traces the growth of railway mail service in four Southern Tier New York counties during the 19th century.
John Price, MD
5 frames, Display
Selections of Long Island Postal History
The philately of Kings, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk counties of Long Island, showing a variety of stampless and stamped covers along with early picture postcards.
Marge Schleining
2 frames, Postal
Getting Around: Planes, Trains, Cars and Motorcycles
A brief look at vehicles celebrating anniversaries this year.
Howard H. Schloss
8 frames, Illustrated Mail
The New York World's Fair 1939-1940
p 1 of 5 references
Domestic and foreign first day covers and stamps including Sarabia flown cover and Portuguese Colonies overprint covers.
Don Schurr
3 frames, Postal
Spanish Postal History: A selection from 1850-1880
A variety of selected covers trace the development of the Spanish postal system during its first 30 years.
Arnold H. Selengut
10 frames,
(Court of Honor,
150 Years of US Precancels
A survey of US local and bureau precancels from the pioneer through the present, emphasizing unusual usages, precancel postal history and collecting specialties.
Ray Stone
Single Frame, Illustrated Mail
A Transportation Coil FDC Tale
A mailbag gone astray is found floating in a canal. Where did it come from? What's inside? Take a look and see what happens next!
Ray Stone
10 frames, Illustrated Mail
Planes, Trains and Automobiles- Transportation Coil FDCs A first day cover exhibit of the 1981-95 US Transportation coil issues dealing with planes, trains, and automobiles.
Ann Triggle
Single frame, Display
Clarence, NY A display exhibit, which shows the postal history of Clarence Township from 1813 to 1944, using representative markings and pictures.
Ann Triggle
Single frame, Postal (non-competitive)
The Pharmacy Stamp of 1972 A FDC exhibit, which shows the announcement of the stamp, the various festivities, stamps and cacheted covers
Warren S. Wilkinson
9 frames, Postal
British Columbia and Vancouver Island Postal History: 1858-1871
An exhaustive chronological study of rates, routes and postal markings during the Colonial period as well as selected post-Confederation usages.
William Woytowich
5 frames, Display
The Evolution of Postage Currency: Fractional Notes and Encased Postage
This exhibit follows the financial crisis of 1861-62 through the disappearance of coinage and its replacement with various forms of postage stamp based currency.


Dave Allego
Table 18
648 Merchant St,
Ambridge, PA 15003
(724) 266-4237
Worldwide covers, cinderellas, ephemera
Ed Bailey, Philatelist
Table 7
PO Box 2338,
Syracuse NY 13220
(315) 452-0593
US, UN, worldwide stamps
Tom Baron
Table 31
PO Box 1339,
Long Branch, NY 11561
(516) 763-9205
US and worldwide covers
Bejjco Inc
Table 26
PO Box 16681
Temple Terrace, FL 37687
(813) 980-0734
US and worldwide stamps and covers, US BOB and precancels
Biddle Philatelic Company
Table 16
55 Whitehall Ave
Buffalo, NY 14220
(716) 828-1375
Worldwide stamps, covers, cinderellas, postcards
Britannia Enterprises
Table 1
PO Box 2114
Orleans, MA 02653
(508) 240-0799
Worldwide covers, cinderellas, ephemera
Cleveland Stamp Company
Table 9
PO Box 46421
Cleveland, OH 44146
(216) 581-2346
US stamps and covers, topicals, postcards, ephemera
Ray Coughlin
Table 2
639 Sycamore Spgs Cir
Mountain Home, AR 72653
US & Posessions- stamps and covers
Discovery Stamps
Table 40
PO Box 2502
Syracuse, NY 13220
(315) 652-5517
US stamps and booklets
D&M Philatelics
Table 35
630 East 43rd St
Erie, PA 16504
(814) 825-8779 Classic US mint/used and worldwide stamps
East-West Philatelics
Table 19
PO Box 961
Pelham, NY 10803
(914) 668-6623
Worldwide stamps, topicals
Family Hobby and Stamp Inc.
Table 25
PO Box 938
Columbia Station, OH 44028
(440) 236-3454
US and worldwide stamps, supplies
Finger Lakes International
Table 6
PO Box 5
Shortsville, NY 14548
(585) 289-6395
Switzerland, Germany- stamps and covers
The Folded Letter
Table 23
PO Box 176
Lafayette Hill, PA 19444
(610) 828-8631
Advertising/foreign zeppelin covers, antique stamp boxes, ephemera
J. Roger Gratz
Table 36
PO Box 611
Carlisle, PA 17013-0611
(717) 243-7630
US, British Pacific, Australia and States stamps
Al Greco Stamps
Table 17
1190 Nolan Rd
Macedon, NY 14502
(315) 986-7948
US and worldwide stamps, covers, and postcards
Hampshire Stamps
Table 29
PO Box 423
Milford, NH 03055-0423
(603) 673-7180
US, British Empire and worldwide- stamps and covers
William H. Hatton
Table 32
PO Box 622
Piqua, OH 45356-0622
(937) 778-9206
US stamps and covers, postcards, literature
HWH Stamp Co
Table 11+12
8522 Hawk Run Ter
Gaithersburg, MD 20886
(301) 216-1882
US and worldwide stamps, covers and postcards
Judaica Stamps
Table 21
PO Box 55 St Martin
Laval, PQ H7V 3P4 Canada
(450) 687-0632
Israel stamps and covers, Judaica, topicals (inc. Disney)
Lakewood Stamps
Table 37
1656 W 40th St
Erie, PA 16509
(814) 866-0352
US and topical new issue stamps (inc. Disney, WWF)
Maurice J. Landry
Table 4
PO Box 1112
Enfield, CT 06083
(860) 741-6065
US covers (Patriotics and navals), FDCs, topicals
Steve Malack Stamps
Table 5
PO Box 5628
Endicott, NY 13763
(607) 862-9441
US stamps
Mark-Lane Stamps
Table 33
PO Box 626
West Haverstraw, NY 10993
(845) 362-5330
US & BOB, Canada & semi-airs, worldwide stamps
McLeod Stamp Company
Table 14
2423 Monroe Ave
Rochester, NY 14618
(585) 244-0240
US and worldwide stamps, supplies
John Nunes
Table 13
80 Fredericks Rd
Scotia, NY 12302
(518) 399-8395
US and worldwide covers, ephemera
OH-TN Covers
Table 39
PO Box 24
Greebtown, OH 44630
(330) 499-3625
US covers (Patriotics and navals), FDCs, topicals
Pack-Rat Covers
Table 24
PO Box 512
Oshtemo, MI 49077
(269) 375-6188
US covers (military, naval, topicals), FDCs, 25 cent boxes
Phantom Stamps, Coins & Supplies
Table 27
PO Box 395
Manchester, NY 14504
(585) 289-9365
Worldwide stamps
Plate Block Etc.
Table 8
PO Box 2552
Fory Myers Beach, FL 33932
(239) 463-5820
US stamps, plate blocks and covers
George Papandreou Stamps
Table 34
213 Strysko Ave
Mahwah, NJ 07430
(201) 512-1966
US and worldwide stamps
Les Rosen
Table 15
7724 Matchwood Ln
Liverpool, NY 13090
(315) 652-9635
US and worldwide FDCs, stamps
John L. Rudnicki
Table 41
25 Deforest Dr
Brampton, ON L7A 2Y1 Canada
(905) 495-0603
Poland and Germany stamps, topicals
Robert C Swed
Table 28
1204 Elderon Dr
Wilmington, DE 19808
(302) 994-6086
US used stamps and covers, classic FDCs
Toga Associates
Table 30
Box 396
Fairfield, CT 06430
(203) 255-8885
British Empire and worldwide stamps
Wallace Stamps
Table 20
PO Box 82
Port Washington, NY 11050
(516) 883-5578
US, UN, worldwide stamps
Whit's Covers
Table 38
34 Red Cedar Ln
Shelburne, VT 05482
(802) 985-8519
US plate blocks, first days/event covers, misc.
White Light Studio
Table 3
756 Lake Rd
Ontario, NY 14519
(315) 524-8912
Philatelic artwork
Laurence L Winum
Table 22
PO Box 247
Walden, NY 12586
(800) 914-8090
US and Germany, stamps and covers
Worldwide Stamp Company
Table 10
97 Fairhaven Dr
Cheektowaga, NY 14225
(716) 633-9663
Worldwide stamps, covers, postcards


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